Who Am I?  

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Nature inspires my art. Images that linger on my mind will be incorporated into a “feeling” that I wish to express in my paintings. I am inspired by reality, but want to show viewers of my art how I see and feel the world around me. I start by painting the main feeling of the painting, using big brushstrokes and minimal details. I then choose an aspect of nature that gave me the strongest impression to detail as the painting’s focus. The rest of the painting is less detailed and meant to complement that primary focus. At the end, I step back and ensure that my art unites all the colours and shapes into a final tone that expresses that first feeling of inspiration.

In my youth, I learned how to paint in an Oriental style, which focuses on the use of black and abstract contours. However, I always had a sense that my art needed more colour to express the world and I was inspired by Western impressionism, which uses vibrant colours and soft lines. My art blends an Oriental feeling of softness, looseness, and tranquility with the traditional Western use of contrasting colours and geometrical forms, to create my unique interpretation of the world.

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