Autumn Colors

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Autumn is my favourite time to paint because I love the vibrant yellow and orange colors everywhere. This is a painting of a small creek near where I live in Edmonton.

Title: Riverside
Oil on Canvas 24″ X 30″

you can buy canvas prints, greeting cards and even iPhone cases of this painting here:

Riverside oil painting

Sketching on the Go

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I’m on vacation in Shanghai at this moment. Got this new sketching app on my iPad called Autodesk Sketchbook Express, here’s my first digital drawing attempt using a stylus. I find the best time to sketch is while I am sitting in taxis or using the public transportation. The results are not too bad surprisingly. Also have a few drawings using my art pen as well. #gqart

Just joined Fine Arts America

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You can now officially buy my prints of my artworks on Fine Arts America. It is an easy to use and beautiful integrated website where you can buy canvas prints, framed prints, postcards and even iPhone cases. It’s super cool!

My works are featured in the following collections on Fine Arts America: visual paintings ; canvas paintings ; contemporary paintings ; landscape paintings ; oil paintings ; autumn paintings ; abstract paintings ; abstract art ; best sellers – landscapes art ; best sellers – impressionism art ; best sellers – nature art ; best sellers – original paintings ; best sellers – artwork paintings ; best sellers – rich paintings ; best sellers – forest paintings ; best sellers – vivid paintings ; best sellers – scenery paintings ; best sellers – colors paintings ; best sellers – clouds paintings ; best sellers – bright paintings

Who Am I?  

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Nature inspires my art. Images that linger on my mind will be incorporated into a “feeling” that I wish to express in my paintings. I am inspired by reality, but want to show viewers of my art how I see and feel the world around me. I start by painting the main feeling of the painting, using big brushstrokes and minimal details. I then choose an aspect of nature that gave me the strongest impression to detail as the painting’s focus. The rest of the painting is less detailed and meant to complement that primary focus. At the end, I step back and ensure that my art unites all the colours and shapes into a final tone that expresses that first feeling of inspiration.

In my youth, I learned how to paint in an Oriental style, which focuses on the use of black and abstract contours. However, I always had a sense that my art needed more colour to express the world and I was inspired by Western impressionism, which uses vibrant colours and soft lines. My art blends an Oriental feeling of softness, looseness, and tranquility with the traditional Western use of contrasting colours and geometrical forms, to create my unique interpretation of the world.

Fort Edmonton Park Oil Painting – Part I

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I started another painting today of Fort Edmonton Park. This one is oil on canvas. Holding my iPhone in one hand and brush with my other, I took a video of my first step in oil painting – laying out the groundwork. The video may be a little shaky as it was rather difficult to paint while filming. :) #gqart


My Sketches from the Fort Edmonton Park Excursion

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I took an full day excursion to the Fort Edmonton Park last sunday on a rather chilly day. The sun did come out in the afternoon which was nice. I brought my sketchbook with me and was prepared to illustrate the beautiful and unique scenery presented in front of me.

In case you are wondering. Fort Edmonton Park is one of the largest living history museum in Canada. “It includes both original and rebuilt historical structures representing the history of Edmonton and is staffed during the summer by costumed historical interpreters.” There was a special event that day so quite a bunch of us, Edmontonians showed up.

I was both intrigued and fascinated by the wooden cabins, the horse wagons, the aboriginal teepees, and just the whole feeling of traveling back in time to the old Western days. So here are some sketches of the structures and landscapes that caught my eye the most that day. This is what I love about being an artist, the ability to freely translate what you see visually on to a medium. Allowing myself to fully express my inner creativity and the feelings in my mind at the time.

PS. I am also working on a watercolour painting of Fort Edmonton Park as well. I can’t wait to show you when it’s done!


Using the Palette Knife: Devonian Garden Part II

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Here is a short clip of how I use the palette knife to add colour depth and accentuate the contrast. In fact, palette knife is one of my favourite tools. It’s excellent for producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat color as well as tiny shapes of colour. The painting is near finish. Can’t wait to show the finished product. #gqart

Oil Painting: Devonian Botanic Garden Part I

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My first visit to the Devonian Botanic Garden, it’s a beautiful place full of vibrant colours. My most memorable scenery was an archway through the woods. There was a play of light and shadows which gave me a lasting impression. This inspired me to start painting. What you see here is just the first layer using the brush. Just a basic composition for now, more colours and texture will be added later. Stay tuned. #gqart

Devonian Botanical Garden

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