Decorative Plates

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I recently painted some decorative plates for my friends as a gift. The first one I used double-ended art markers I bought from Japan which I am very comfortable with. The colors are quite vibrant – a good turnout. However, the only concern here is that each stroke must be absolutely accurate as there are no way to rectify any mistakes.

The second plate I tried using acrylic, but colors didn’t show up as well as it would have on canvas. #gqart

My sketches from Squamish and Maple Ridge, BC

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I visited Squamish and Maple Ridge, BC, Canada last year. I couldn’t resist from the breathtaking scenery around me, so I had to do some quick sketches.

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful place I have been to and I would go back in a heartbeat. I like to thank Nan and Michelle for hosting me while I visited BC. #gqart

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