My Sketches from the Fort Edmonton Park Excursion

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I took an full day excursion to the Fort Edmonton Park last sunday on a rather chilly day. The sun did come out in the afternoon which was nice. I brought my sketchbook with me and was prepared to illustrate the beautiful and unique scenery presented in front of me.

In case you are wondering. Fort Edmonton Park is one of the largest living history museum in Canada. “It includes both original and rebuilt historical structures representing the history of Edmonton and is staffed during the summer by costumed historical interpreters.” There was a special event that day so quite a bunch of us, Edmontonians showed up.

I was both intrigued and fascinated by the wooden cabins, the horse wagons, the aboriginal teepees, and just the whole feeling of traveling back in time to the old Western days. So here are some sketches of the structures and landscapes that caught my eye the most that day. This is what I love about being an artist, the ability to freely translate what you see visually on to a medium. Allowing myself to fully express my inner creativity and the feelings in my mind at the time.

PS. I am also working on a watercolour painting of Fort Edmonton Park as well. I can’t wait to show you when it’s done!


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