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GuoQuan Zheng was born in Shanghai and now resides in Edmonton. The desire to create works of art was instilled in him when he was still a child. At an early age, he learned calligraphy, classical Chinese and Western-style painting.

He obtained his degree from the Department of Fine Arts, Shanghai Theater Academy, which is nationally recognized for its training in classical European-style landscape paintings. After graduation, he continued to study and mature in his art. He taught Fine Arts at the China Textile University in Shanghai and worked as a professional artist in China.

GuoQuan’s painting has been exhibited in a numerous major nationwide exhibitions in China. His works are in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

For more than thirty years of his career, GuoQuan has been devoted to art as the highest form of expression. He brings stunning vitality, depth, and emotion to his paintings. He is accomplished in classical techniques, but brings an oriental approach with his own unique style. His use of light and color achieves a subtle harmony that speaks of the mastery of his medium. GuoQuan’s paintings show great variety, including landscapes, still-lifes, and abstracts. For him, the beauty of nature and the diversity of everyday life are constant sources of inspiration for his paintings.